Hostels & Residence at AIMC.

Allama Iqbal Medical Complex is unique in the country in having a completely residential campus. There is accommodation for both the staff and the students.

Student Hostels

Arranged in the form of a red rose with four petals, four male hostels are present at the canal end of the college encircling a lush green square ground. There are three students and one doctor’s hostel. The student hostels are named after the legendary Muslim scholars Ibn Nafees, Al Beruni and Bu Ali Sina. Each student hostel has two wings, three floors, a mess, a TV lounge and students of different classes who live in peace and harmony with each other. The doctor’s hostel also has two wings, two floors and houses some of the important faculty members. 

Just a few minutes walk from the male hostel area behind the oval college ground are two girls hostels and one nursing hostel.

On an average, there are 112 rooms in each hostel with rooms ranging from cubical, biseater and tetra. The hostel accommodation serves the purpose of accommodation for 1000 students, 400 nurses and 100 internees.

Each hostel is looked after by an Assistant Warden. Many aspects of the life in the hostels are managed by the students themselves such as the boarding arrangements. The hostels are provided with common rooms, canteens, prayer rooms and other common utilities. The students are required to abide by the rules and regulations governing residence in the university halls and are encouraged to develop community life conducive to healthy growth of the social aspects of their personalities.

Staff Residence

With a capacity of 500 houses, the Residential Colony caters for the accommodation of staff members ranging from Professors down to 4th grade clerk.





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